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How To Fix Burn Holes In Carpet?

It happens when you accidentally get a cigarette burn in carpet or some other residues substance. There are ways to repair or remove the burnt section of your lovely carpet.

#1. You must start with a vacuum to get away with the debris on the carpet. This will make the area clean and you can start the job on a clean surface.

#2. Get a kitchen knife to cut the burnt section carefully. The force you apply must cut the carpet back surface neatly as well. Still make sure you don’t cut through the padding and make a hole of it.

#3. The next step should be to take the piece that is scraped and lay the piece that you removed over the scrapped one. This will make you match the pattern in the same direction it has been replaced. Doing the right way will make it merge with the existing design.

#4. The removed piece must be cut around to be used as a pattern that also helps in covering the same shape and size of the burnt area.

#5. The next step involves the vacuum cleaning of the carpet to remove the fibers of the carpet which have been gathered in that area.

#6. Further, put the scrap piece into the cut-out patch and trim out the fibers to adjust the overall look of the fixed area.

#7. When you are confident about the piece that you have cut, you can install it with care. Apply a special adhesive for carpet or a double-sided tape over the open ends of the padding.

#8. Place the correct cut-out over the adhesive and make sure the direction is matched. Hold it gently and let it stick around.

#9. Take a heavy object like a book or iron and cover the new cut-out gently and let the adhesive dry.

#10. You must know how much time the adhesive takes to dry hence keep it for that period of time.

#11. After the drying process is complete, now you can remove the heavy placed object and comb the carpet burn area gently until it blends with the existing design of the carpet.


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